Puppy Training

Puppy 1

CONGRATULATIONS!!!   You Got A Puppy, how exciting!!!!

So now what you ask?  Well now the fun begins!! 

Now comes, Potty Training, Crate Training, Nipping, Jumping, Broom Chasing, Vaccuum Fears, Socializing, Obedience Training, and so much more.

Can Wenlys Help?  YES of course we can!

Our Puppy Classes are taught using games, socialization experiences and of course we include some play time. After all they are just babies and who doesn't enjoy watching puppies play!  Puppies will be learning their manners and basic obedience all while having FUN!!

Puppy 1 is for puppies age 12wks to 6 months who have received their second set of shots.  Puppy 1 class is taught both on and off leash. 

Our puppy 1 classes are on-going so you never have to wait for a start date.

6 - 1 hour classes

Cost: $170.00 + Tax

Puppy 2

Class Requirements - Graduation form Puppy 1  

This is a great class for all our Puppy 1 graduates.  

In this class we will continue to reinforce the skills learned in Puppy 1. We begin introducing the long leash, working on skills at a distance.  Some of our class time will be spent out in the real world challenging you and your pup with real life distractions. Introducing sit a distance, the start of creating a bomb proof sit. 


Puppy 2 will be taught both on and off leash. 

10% Discount offered if registered before completing puppy 1.

6 - 1 hour classes

Cost: $170.00  +  Tax 

Adult Obedience Class

No prior Class Requirements

In this class we will focus on what matters most to you. Working to strengthening your dogs basic obedience skills. Teaching skills at a distance, working on bomb proof sits. 

All dogs must be NON REACTIVE.

6 - 1 hour classes.  On going class so you may begin at anytime.

Cost:  $170.00 + Tax

Loose Leash Walking

Does your dog like to walk at the end of the leash? 

Pulling you to everything they want to see, making the walk less enjoyable for you?  

Then this class may be perfect for you and your dog.  You will learn the skills to teach your dog to walk nicely on leash. We teach this class out in the real world in and around the normal distractions you would run into on your daily walks, not in a class room setting.

This class does not address leash reactive dogs, for help with this Please refer to our Private Training. 

Cost: One 45min class  $45.00 + Tax

Private Training

One on One

One hour private training sessions, offered at our place, or yours, or even out and around town. Private sessions are great for those who cannot commit to group class, have a dog that is reactive, or just need to work on a specific skill. Call now to book your appointment.

Cost:  $55. 00 +  Tax

Training Walk


Have you ever thought I wish my dog would  ......, but just don't have the time to do the training?    

No need to put your dog through the stress of board and train. We will come by during the day to work with your dog. Working on issues such as, walking skills, leash aggression, basic manners and so much more. for more info or to get started give a call.

Cost: 1 hour session  $65.00 +  Tax

  4  -  1 hour sessions  $234.00 + Tax

Agility Fun & Fitness

This class is all about fun and fitness for you and your fur baby. Your dog will learn to navigate the agility equipment including ramps, tunnels, teeter totter, jumps and so much more...

Class Requirements: Flat collar, Yummy treats/kibble. or a toy (whatever motivates your dog), knowledge of basic skills are recommended for your dog to get the most out of this class.

Please note this class is for fun only.

Please contact us for start dates.

5 - 1 hour classes   Cost: $160  + Tax

Wenlys Adventure Hikes

Is your dog at home long days while your at work.  Let Wenlys help you out.  We will take them out on a two to three hour group hike. Upon arriving back home we will make sure they are clean and dry, have fresh water, and fed if requested by owner, Leaving them tired, relaxed, and happy. 

Pick up will be between 9am to 11am and drop off between 12pm to 3pm included, within Maple Ridge B.C.

Keys will be kept in a lock box, never tagged with any personal information.

First aid kit & fresh water always available.

All our group hikes are supervised by two Professional Certified Trainers.  Our group adventures get us out and about to some of the amazing low traffic off leash trails that Maple Ridge has to offer.  Having an adventure with friends, splashing through creeks and jumping logs is what its all about. 

Long leash can be used if owner is concerned.

For safety dogs are always crated or seat belted while being transported.

Cost $25 + Tax