Wendy and I not only love training and working with dogs, we also love to work with our hands creating. All our products are handmade by us. We love taking custom orders. if there is something special you've been looking for feel free to contact us. We love the challenge of making your vision come to life. Most of our products can be shipped, shipping cost is not included in any of our prices.

check out our Gallery for more photos

Wine glasses and Beer Mugs

Etched glasses

Etched wine glasses and beer mugs. Theses are dishwasher safe. Custom orders are welcome. Shipping is available. check out our gallery for more pictures.

Toy Boxes



18" X 12.3/4" X 7" 

Non slip Feet

Cost: $70.00



18" X 12.3/4" X 9.1/2" 

Non slip Feet

Cost: $8000

All boxes are available in a choice of 4 stains: Colonial, walnut, Espresso or Wheat. Personalized plaque  $10.00



20" X 12.3/4" X 11" 

Non slip Feet

Cost: $90.00

Training Treats

Peanut Butter

These Treats are just a tiny little morsel. Perfect as a training reward. All treats are handmade by us, using no added artificial preservatives.  

Gluten free Available

4oz Bag $4.00


Our coasters are all handmade by us. You may choose from the generic ones already made or have them personalized. We can make them from pictures of your very own dog, children/grandchildren or even a special occasion. 

Please contact us for info on what we have available or to discuss personalized ones.

Cost: $5 each 

Paracord Leashes

Strong and durable, handmade leashes made with 550 paracord. leashes come in many different lengths and colours. Choice of or reflective or non reflective. 

22" Leash $15.00          28" Leash  $17.00          36" Leash $20.00          40" Leash $22.00  

55" Leash $30.00          72: Leash $35.00          72" Adjustable Leash $35.00


Wooden Plaques

Hand painted wall hung plaques. Ones with hooks are great for hanging leashes, collars or towels for drying your dog off. Custom orders are welcomed. 

To order a sign or for pricing please contact us.