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Our Mission


Our mission is simple: To love, care, and train each and every animal just as we would want someone to love, care and train ours. All our training is done using Positive Reinforcement Training. Offering puppy classes, adult dog obedience training classes and so much more...

We guarantee a well connected experience with you and your dog while training, playing or staying at Wenlys.

Who Are we


Wenlys is a family run business by two sisters Wendy and Lisa

Between the two of them they have thousands of hours of experience, training and self study.

Certified by International Academy of Canine Trainers, trained by Amber Cottle a professional dog trainer, with many years of experience and a formal education in dog psychology. 


Certified by Dr Ian Dunbars SIRIUS  Dog Trainer Academy

Registered with Canadian Association of Dog Trainers.

Certified in Pet First Aid

Insured and bondable

Positive Reinforcement Training


All our training is done using Positive Reinforcement, we believe training should be fun for you and your dog. 

If your dog is having fun then he/she is more likely to learn faster, stay focused longer and form a stronger bond with his family. Two certified trainers in every class allowing for more one on one instruction. All our group Classes EXCEPT AGILITY are ongoing so you never have to wait for start dates.

Dogs learn by consequence and association

We use two learning theories to teach dogs without the use of punishment, emotional pressure or aversive equipment. We recommend all training be done in a flat collar.

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Contact Us

Wenlys Pet Care

11910 stephens st maple ridge, maple ridge, BC v2x6s3, ca

(604) 690-7040 or (604) 838-0284


Monday - Saturday: by appointment only

Sunday: Closed

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